Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy B?

Happy birthday to me. ♪ Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me. 

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 

Haha macam pathetic gila je wish birthday kat diri sendiri. Well for me, I think it's not pathetic. In a way it shows me appreciating myself being a 22 year old girl or dare I say woman? lol. Anyway I had a great birthday. In term of everyone's wishing me. Many thanks to you all okai! \o/

These are the presents I got from my parents which are awesome. ✌ ⇈⇈⇈ ✌ 

Okay jam ni memang aku tak sangka my mum gonna buy it for my birthday. Just the other day I was pouting because mum didn't bought the watch for me. So yeah I'm happy. :D But it's a little bit too big for my taste. Anyway the watch is perfect for me. The orangeness itself is just breathtaking. Kekekeke.

 THIS GIFT IS MADE OF PERFECTION. *_____* ♡♡ JUST BECAUSE. It's perfume which I really really adore well, perempuan mana yang tak suka perfume kan. ;) Tambah-tambah lagi bau dia memang mahsyuk. So here I am still grinning like mad for this single gift. 

EARRINGS. EARRINGS. EARRINGS. Every friends of mine knew how much I adore anting-anting. I think I even made myself known of saying 'kalau you guys just bagi anting2 satu dozen pun, I'll happily accept it'. Because it's a favorite hobby of mine to always buy earrings. Haha tho banyak je earring dah hilang2. Tapi I still like collecting them. ;))) SO I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS.

Lastly bear!!!! Hmmmm I love bear. So yeah. ✌ ✌ ✌. Sekarang my Beary dah dapat anak. Yeay. Hahaha. 

Kalau korang perasan setiap hadiah tu ada elemen pink, tak kiralah in term of the hadiah itself ataupun the boxes that came with it. ALL THE PINK THO. *_* So ibu, ayah thank you so much for these presents!! :))) 


Ok till then my dearest. :*

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