Sunday, May 20, 2012

he's the hero

Boikot McD?

Sila boikot Anuar sekali. 

That's all I'm gonna say about that thing.

Other more pressing issue.

Ugh. I just need some place to cool the rage I feeeeeeeeel now. 


Agaknya ini apa yang ibu rasa kan. Mummy I'm sorry. 

Okay tu sahaja tentang hal yang aku geram ni.

Finally, I've watched Avengers. Weee woooo no wonder people love love love Captain America. He's SOOOOOO handsome dude. *______* AND then I'm so glad I have finished studying Iron Man, because he's the coolest hero ever. I JUST HAVE MANY FEELING ABOUT HIM, OKAY. From the moment I first saw him in that jeep in the desert (Iron Man 1); oh man, he totally just won my heart. But mmmm totally lazy to search his name etc etc. Thor? I love him always. I will forever think that Loki is such a psycho. He totally freaked me out, ide. I do love the other 3 agents. They're so pretty and handsome. Omg I must sound like a really pathetic girl that only love pretty faces, but that's not it, believe me, I just love them in action and everything they did. :p /excuses

Okay fine. Aku dah semangat-semangat tadi nak ambil gambar Viva Viva Viva guna mum's phone, but then haha takleh nak transfer ke lappy, so in conclusion esok lusa jelah matsyue yeeee. Sowwwwwy bb. :p mm yeah, not sorry at all.


p/s: doakan esok selamat sampai Nilai. :)

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