Monday, May 23, 2011

happy moment don't ever die

Can I say I seriously love my best friend, so much that it hurts! ;) Last night we were having a very epic conversations, haha via messages and wall-posts at facebook. I am still lol-ing forever at this. All in all my emails are fulled of their comments! Whut? We are not lame, we are just a bunch of a very healthy kid but with a very childish minds. Heeee. :D I was thinking of linking it here, but I think it's not that appropriate? Hehe. I am sad that Iffah was not there. That's the greatest regret I had!

Ohohoho lepas tu aku couple sudah dengan Eton (bukan nama sebenar), OMG. Hahah. Temah (bukan nama sebenar) pula dengan Senah (bukan nama sebenar) ! :D

Oh in case you guys are wondering what the heck with all those weird and kampung name. Well, this is our own group which entitles 'The Kampung Club' or 'Warung TemahEtonPetomSenah' ! Lol. Welcome to our club, you may join us if you want, but must first have an audition! ;)

Okay till then, I'll stop my nonsense babbling for now. Heeeeeeee happy mode! :DDD



hikmah128 said...

i love u forever too dear,, ;D ;*

Anonymous said...


~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

hikmah : so do I ;)

~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

Aimi : yup. memang best! :DD