Thursday, December 16, 2010

bila hati dah suka

Pick a number you like, plus four and double it,
Minus six and divide by the peace sign
Last thing you do is subtract the first number
Yeah that equals you

The fact that this is a part of a song make my heart went whoaaaaa! I’ve been extremely sappy due to over-reading fanfic so that verse alone making my heart wrenched with happiness and sappiness and sadness and whatsoever.
I totally love you forever, Jin. Keep on being awesome! Though I don’t really know you as in know your character etc but I absolutely adore your voice and your friendship with Pi, that’s for sure.

Also, that song is for all of the people that I care and care about me. LOVELOVELOVE. <3

I have absolutely no word left to express how fucking handsome and beautiful Pi is <3
He’s like my first ever crush. This feeling is so new as I never like and adore idols like what I have been doing to Pi which kind of make me afraid that I will in the end forgetting what is more important. I guess I just need more practice to divide both things, real life and fangirling, fairly. Put that aside, NEWS NEWS NEWS. I absolutely loving their stunning performance. All of them look so good.

My entry recently have been nothing other than entertainment and useless things as the rohani part is entirely forgotten to be posted, which is off course such a shame. But for me, not really. Since I am myself know that the me right now is utterly and completely fail and unsuitable to give advice or useful and beneficial and religious post. It is a true fact, sadly. But, whatever. As long as know the limit, it is okay, right. Nevertheless, I’ll just try to be a better person, whether fast or slow. At my own pace. :D

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