Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There are really nothing in my head. I tried hard to make it that way.

Never ever succeed.

It kept flooding it way in my head. Strongly. Confidently.

In making my life a little bit miserable.

Just a little is enough to make me doing unthinkable things.

Unmatured aka childish things.

The urge just to barely think about all of it, enough to make me dizzy,

Family is made up from a very strong bond between the parents and also among the siblings.

If one ever make mistake, it affeccts the others.

The entire family.

The person herself.

Either phsically or heck, mentally.

But who is to be blamed exactly?

If i'm older than the other, doesn't mean at all it is my fault.


It looked like it was all my fault.

How come it ended up like that?


My feelings suck.

So emo.

Cant control emotions properly.




Thinks too about me.


No sorry offeres here.

Egoistic?Yeah.yeah.yeah.thank you.

Cant admit your own mistake?Yeah.yeah.yeah.big-head!

Ungrateful to the food?to the barakah of Ramadhan?Yeah.yeah.yeah.I know it all.Just BUT!

There is moreeeee to think than just to think small matter like this.

But the heart ache so much than i ever thought.

Just whatever.

Me with the 2 in front of my age, gradually feeeeels the burden and the responsibilty increase.

Keep strong wahida!

If you are alone, or even miserable, like really miserable, occupy yourself with things unrelated with Real Life.

That is just how iI'm able to keep and maintain a smiley face on any situations.

So whenever there is just someone who asked.

How come i get all smiley and ease-hearted when the world is fallilng down.I mean like the craziness of being a student. You get what i mean right?

So this is just my way of keeping myself in contact, in order.

It is not running away.

But just to charge myself.

That is just the purpose. Hmm?

Wrong concept?

Who says about right or wrong here?

It is just how i'm dealing with the craziness of life?

No crying out loud please.

Im really determined to make this entry in full engrish as i really want to improve my engrish.Hmm?

It just when you get down to business doing and writing the works, i just know my english is so bad.

Okay till then!

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