Thursday, May 6, 2010

i want to show yamapi's face!kyaaaa!
this was what im saying at the past entry!
the world record!! XDD

isnt it coooool?
i thought soooo XDD

if you are tired of this-craziness-and-fondness-of-pi,
just close the door of my blog and get out. harsh huh?
dont think so.

this project have been confirmed by the GWR themselves!
how i wished im there at japan and can put my face/photo at the krin's bottles!
jealousss XDD

i hope through this extravagance project, he managed to conquer Asia just like he want XDD
keep on fighting!

and hell yeahhhhh!
ive ended my exam!
such a painful weeks and exams i had.
not too painful.just love to use the word 'painful'.lol
anyway.its just about time for me to start packing my thingsssss.
so manyyyyyyy.headache!
come help me gals XDD
here i come my new house ;P
hope EVERYTHING went well.hmmm.

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