Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eh eh ada orang update la.

I've been neglecting this blog so long.
But it’s a good thing now I come to my sense to start updating it again.
It's not like I doesn't have CRAPS to tell. Believe ME, I have TONSSS of craps.
But the condition I'm in right now seems like doesn't encouraging me to update. Blah Blah Blah. Babbling all you want is the best isn't it.

You know, I'd say at the previous entry (which was so LONG ago), I'm gonna upload pictures of me during Raya.
But until the last day of Eid which was last Friday, no update was up, isn't it?
Ahhhhh. Gomen ne!
Do you think it is still worth of me to upload them although Eid already ended?
A friend of mine seemed to oppose that idea. Tsk. Jealous much, Sabirah? HAHAHA :P
Whatever it is, I'm thinking that perhaps I gonna upload them, but perhaps later, at the end of this year.
You know, like a compilation of pictures of me and things and peoples all along this 2010 year :)
So let’s just wait and see. For now, my ass is sooooo lazy to do anything. Bahaha.

The last two weeks have been a very emotional weeks of me. Oh god, why did it feel so looooong.
Ironically, I've cried all my heart out at the very same day, at the almost same time I cried the week before.
Do you get WHAT I mean?
But it was inevitable. Really. I just feel the need the cry, you know.
The burden I've felt all along the weeks just kept flooding my heart.
I really hate the ME that kept crying out her soul. It really sucks.
Then again, what are you expecting me to do, than crying?
Yeahhhh, babling again. I know. I know.

I'm a laaaaaazy person. Really. I know it.
I really hate the YOU that staring at me like that. I know what I do, okay?
I'm the eldest in my sibling. So it is not a wonder if I suddenly doing chores or whatsoever. Okay? Because, REALLY, it IS not a wonder and weird thing of me to do it.
Just don't look at me in that way. FED UP so much!

I'm a happy person.
If everyone in my inner circle, kept close to me without any prejudice thought.
Kept warming my heart with JOKES, laughter, crying shoulder. It really made my heart ache with HAPPINESS.
Just, don't leave me alone, please.
Sometimes, the feeling of just being used by others kept overwhelming me. It is not healthy. I know it already. But I can't keep it out of my mind.
What if they really don't like me. Just pretending. Oh god. It's not the best feeling.
What I'm about to say. If YOU ever found the other person/friend that is way more good than me, please please remember me once in a while, will you?
Sound really pathetic. Like a lost and forgotten kitty. Hahaha.

Heart is aching.
With the emptiness.
With the sorrow.


nursabirah azhari said...

ye letak la gambar raya tu.letak la.
hahahhahahaha :D:D:D
p/s : dah tlg angkat my baju? hehe

hikmah128 said...

jgn sedihh2 syg,,
i always there for u,,muahhh3 ;)

~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

Sab : YES YES YES. tunggu aku buat post tu ehhh. (kalau aku rajin~) :P

hikmah : hmmm. Yeah thank You so MUCH dear :)