Friday, July 9, 2010

Download and New Sem

This whole holiday i've been spending on downloading all possible and interesting video that yamapi's in.

I'm just finished watching one of it which really made me cracked sooooo hard.

The best ah!

In this TV Show called Haneru no Tobira or Abbreviation Train, the participant involved must answer the abbreviation given by giving its full word.

For example 'adj' stand for adjective right? Its game like that and yamapi was just soooo mean to other participant.

Believe me.

Go watch it although you are not yamapi's fan.

But I guess you must have a little knowledge about Japan or JPOP or Yamapi a little bit if not you are not gonna really understand the show or the flow of this show.

Other than that.

Who's gonna accompany me if im back on this Sunday.

There's no one at our house at the time I'll arrive.

Should I change the ticket or spend some time around Nilai.

I realllly dont want to go to Nilai back.


This just suck.

But whatever it is I've determine to do better this new sem.

Wish me luck.

I've finished folding clothes from one big basket at my house.

I've been planning in finishing all the mountain of clothes yesterday.

But due to my recklessness and lazyness and spiritless, I do nothing.

So just now when I'm finishing one basket of clothes.

I'll bear in mind not to push myself over the limit.

Do one work at time if you just feel cant accommodate doing manyyy things in one time right.

I really want to have that attitude as my principle now.

My principle in study was just tooo bad.

Doing work last minute. Procrastinating works.

Later it all sum up to doing many works at the final time.

So I would really love to change that.

Wanna change! wanna change!

When no one is beside you it doesn’t mean that you are all alone.

You sure have Allah by your side every time.



Syue Gagashi said...

da tngk da video tu! BEST GILA!


~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

when did u watch it?
i guess it was boring for you after all :(

adeq said...


adeq said...


~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~ said...

hahaha.adeq ko kenapakah?