Monday, April 12, 2010

fan-girling moment!!
i dont even read any lines or touch any pencil,pen and calculator.
chemistry paper is the first.on 20.4.2010.
its someone's birthday:)

by the way.
is yamapi's birthday.
i've been planning on posting something in my blog about him,off course.
but seem on that day,i was not onlining and just went back home the next day.
after about 2 days, just have the chance to post it:)

happy birthday to you,

dear yamashita-sama!!!:)

otanjoubu omedatou!
(haha tak reti eja.malas nak check spelling:P)

may god bless you and your career:)

i've always support you no matter what condition you are.
you are the best!

okay.i know i'm mumbling.bubling or whatsoever.haha.
typical fangirl in me ne:P
there so much to say,but for now i guess is enough isnt it.
if only you can read this tomo-chan.i feel really honoured!:))

anyway my good day on friday with full of reminiscing about yamapi by watching his photos and dramas is spoilt in the middle of the night around 2 a.m. i received a shocking yet sooo ridiculous news about yamapi.

on of my jealous friend i guess jealous about me and yamapi's relationship(as if ever existed that relationship!)bahaha
anyway,she said on her message to me that yamapi was caught under drugs.

how am i supposed to react at that time.i felt betrayed to be honest.i dont want pi to be ending like that,really hope so!!

that time,my thoughts flooded with all yamapi's projects,dramas,movies,new single.whoaaa so scared!
luckily then tured out that she just want to make fun of me.
saya marah ni!

watch out girl!i find way to payback tine later!:P

nah hadiah untuk tatapan:)

such a flawless skin:))

p/s:anyway,he now is busy with his acting in ashita no joe film.i am really excited about the outcome of this.well,he acted as a boxer.hell yeah i realllly dont like boxing.but if it is for pi,off course whatever is fine.haha cant wait!
hah!his hair also has been cut.awww aww cant wait to see it!

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