Tuesday, April 27, 2010

dia sudah mari!

wahida desu:))

duit ypj dah masuk le.
saya rasa gembira.semestinye!
setelah beribu kali call bendahari usim etc.
[terima kasih usim di atas 'kecekapan' anda!]
seriously.is it too hard a job to masukkan the money dalam bank huh?
took almost a month or so or im afraid more than a month k.
tapi takperla.ive got happy ending right?haha.
i felt that this money came at the best/rightest time coz for your information.
starting next sem ill be at rumah sewa!!
well its not like i realllly want but the keadaan memaksa.
i just thought that living by ourselves w/o elder way toooo dangerous!
dont you think so?its not like i dont want to be independent,but its just not the best way to show our independency right?
but like i say,the situation forced me.cant really do anything about it though.

so.my coursemates majorly xdapat even yg aktif pun.
so kami pun pakat reramai duk rumah sewa.
mahal kot!
RM 2750 for the deposit.mahal!sob3.

i really dont have any idea how i will lead my life later on.
just hope that we can survive well.pray for our safety ne.onegai :/
kamu2.silalah datang rumah sewa kami itu ye.
saya dengan rasminye menjemput kamu datang:))
ohye.bakal housemate ku kamu semua tak kesah kan??hehe.
tapi a big peringatan !nilai got nothing interesting.
but you've got me!:P
so off course your 'little tour' to nilai to visit me will not be wasted.im here!haha:)

ohye.sabtu ni birthday my mom.
i dun really think i can go back as next week ive got 3 papers to settle.
so maybe hopefully after exam ill get the chance to do whatever i can to my mum:)

the truth is while im writing this,my chest is a bit heavy i guess.
must be the tension.
hope i can recovered from it.
go go away tension!go go!

yamapi got new hair for his upcoming movie which will be in cinema early next year.
im really eager to see it.his new hair!his boxing movie!!just wowww!
they have been so secretive about his newest hair in this ashita no joe!but as for now,all of the information i got said that he looks really kakoi(handsome,cute!).well tell me when ever he seem not kakoi ha?
he also went to lady gaga's concert!!wha theee?haha.lol at this!
he even wear wig you know!haish want to see your hair!
so.other great news i knew was that for his newest CM promotion.
hes gonna be in world record!!
cant wait duh.hope this project will be a great success!go tomo-chan!:)
enough fangirling for now.

minna.be happy!enjoy your day to the fullest!

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hikmah128 said...

weed,,mahalnyerrr deposit tuhh,,aww2,,waduhh2,,xpe larr weed,,nnti bolehh lar saye melepakkan diri di rumahh sewa mu itu,, ;))
jgn lupe mmblnje saye k,,,, ;D